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Rocket Phonic is designed to achieve two objectives: move your child to functional literacy (fifth grade level) and give your child a love of reading. If you will simply play these games and have fun both objectives will be met. In the original UCLA study I gave the Rocket Phonics participants only these instructions, "These are games. Play them."

The kids got the concept immediately as did most of the adults. Some adults did not. Their kids didn't learn as fast. But what worried me more was that they didn't develop the joy of reading that would keep them reading long after Rocket Phonics was on the bookshelf.

The more your child reads the more your child's skill grows. Colleges want a twelfth grade reading skill. If your child continues reading that will happen. If he plays video games instead it may not. The more fun he has when reading the more likely he is to read in his non-school time. In the long run playing for fun will serve your child much more than developing functional literacy.

Last, if you are having problems email me at drphonics "at" rocketphonics.com. Sometimes your questions need conversation and I will call so let me know your time zone and a good time to call. Rocket Phonics is diagnostic so it is relatively easy for me to tell you what to do once I know where the block is.

Within 24 hours of your purchase you should start receiving your bonus emails which come weekly. If you don't or if they don't come weekly for 7 months contact me so we can bypass your ISP which considers them junk mail. If you plan on reselling your Rocket Phonics kit then please print them out so that you sell the complete program. We also sell kit parts in case you have lost or damaged any part of your kit.

We accept Rocket Phonic kit returns within 90 days of purchase (the day you placed your order). You need not call or explain although explanations are helpful in improving our product. We try to make returns easier than buying. The kit should arrive in salable condition, so please pack well to prevent damage during shipment. Please include a copy of your receipt or packing slip so we know who to refund.

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We do not accept returns of any other item sold on this site.

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