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Did you know that children who enter kindergarten already reading are in the top 1% of all students?

But your wiggle-worm wants to move and play!

So why not play Rocket Phonics? 

preschool_fun_sounds_389Your preschool child has a big imagination, so your Rocket Phonics kit includes a variety of short, fun, multi-sensory Preschool/Big-Movement games and activities designed to engage your child's imagination.Your active preschooler will learn letter shapes and sounds with fun whole-body, imaginative actions. 

And it's so easy for you! You can see videos that show you how to introduce each sound.  Plus, each activity comes with clear, simple steps for you to follow.

preschool_letter_leap_344_01Your kids will love playing games like Letter Leap (in which your kids jump onto one of our Big Letter Sheets when you say the sound) and Whack the Sound. (In this game you'll lay out 3 or 4 of our Play & Read Sound Cards, say a sound and they hit the card with a flyswatter!)




Rocket Phonics includes phonemic awareness games you can play with your kids of all ages as you go through your day. This skill (hearing and using the smallest sound parts of words) is so important: it's the #1 skill tied to reading success!

Traditionally, reading is a “sit-down, sit-still” activity, but your young children, especially your active learners, love to move. At this age, your child is developing the part of his brain that will teach him to run, climb stairs, jump, skip and throw.


 And these are exactly the actions your child will do in your Rocket Phonics Big Movement games.  At this age also, your child is developing his imagination. Part of what makes these games especially fun for your kids is the whole imaginary play idea Rocket Phonics introduces—going on a boat and going fishing, or on a bus to the zoo, or being on an island.

Preschoolers who play the Rocket Phonics activities for 20 minutes, three times a week, will build social skills, thinking skills, and essential pre-reading and reading skills. At this pace, your preschool child could be reading at 1st grade level in three to six months.

Rocket Phonics will take your preschool child all the way to 5th grade reading in three years, teaching your child very thorough phonics and decoding!


Why would I buy Rocket Phonics, which goes to 5th grade, when my preschooler is not even reading yet?

You could just buy Rocket Phonics Play & Read Cards to teach the sounds, but your preschooler would really enjoy the Big Movement Games and blending games, and early reading activities as well. And when your preschooler is ready to read, your Rocket Phonics is right there, ready too.

How will you know if your child is ready to learn to read?

Some kids as young as 3 are ready to read, but most can play with the sounds for a long time before they are ready. Your Rocket Phonics kit includes a simple reading readiness check tested with preschool groups.

(At the preschool, after playing games with the sounds, we introduced one of the Big Letter Sheets Blending Games. Some of the 3 and 4-year olds caught right on; others completely lost interest.) If your child catches on and can blend the sounds on the sheets, your child is ready to read.

If your child loses interest in the blending game, just put the blending games aside and continue playing the Rocket Phonics sounds games and phonemic awareness games. In a few months, try the blending games again.


How Do I Use Rocket Phonics with My Preschooler?
And Will it Be EASY for Me?

To get started, all you need to do is read the one-page Quick Start instructions. For your preschooler, begin with our Big Movement Activities: Your child will love games like Whack the Sound, Going Fishing, and Letter Leap—multi-sensory, imaginative, big-movement games that make learning letter shapes and sounds a breeze.

After your child has learned the sounds and is ready to begin blending, introduce blending games in your Rocket Phonics book and with your Big Letter Sheets, and your child can begin reading the words right away. Preschoolers love our rocket-shaped peeker, which helps your child focus on one word at a time.


Just Advance Through The Readers At Your Child’s Pace

The basic idea is just progress through the two big readers. The Teacher’s Guide is right in the book; we recommend 3-5 short sessions a week, no more than 15-20 minutes in length for preschoolers.

As you come to each new activity we tell you right in the book what to do and say. There’s no prep time! Rocket Phonics is easy to use, and everything is included. And at the back of Vol 1 and Vol 2 you’ll find a helpful reference guide to when and how to use your free bonuses.

Using games with your Big Letter Sheets and Rocket Phonics Play & Read Cards, you'll teach 36 sounds: short and long vowels, consonants, and digraphs. The line under two letters shows they make one sound, like sh or oo.


After your child is blending the Big Letter Sheets, he or she can start playing our Word Find Treasure Hunt, reading single phonetic words, again while moving.testimonial_kari_alcan_376 At this stage your child can also begin the activities on our colorful Thinking Skills Game pages. 

Our Thinking Skills Games give your child lots of practice reading short, phonetic words. These games are fun, rich activities that build reading and thinking skills as your child looks at brightly-colored pictures to see how the words are depicted. Your child quickly progresses to games reading short phonetic phrases. We include games finding rhyming pairs and “What Belongs” activities. You'll see that our clever activities prevent your child from just looking at the pictures and guessing at the words. Your child will gain all the skills of successful readers.

Your preschooler will easily begin kindergarten already reading. This gives your child a huge advantage over peers who are just learning their letter sounds.



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